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Dean grew up in the thriving metropolis of Yinnar (look it up if you want to waste a little of your life) being artistic and musical. With the Yarra just around the corner it was inevitable that he would succumb to the lure of the grape. The travel bug took him to the International Wine Challenge in London, and the bloody cold wine region of Oregon in the USA. Because he is a country bumpkin he returned to Gippsland, but found even more isolation in Outtrim where he plays music... and not much else.

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Dean and Folkert met in a vineyard in Kardella, where they made some wine together for a bit of fun. This was the 2016 Mixtape Chardonnay, and they were so pleased with it, that they formed a company (High Volume Whines Pty Ltd cos they are fucking funny bastards) and the rest is history... or at least it will be one day. They create wines that are fun to make, have their own soul, and are delicious. They source fruit from a variety of Gippsland vineyards depending on the opportunities that arise.


Folkert grew up in the “dry” suburb of Box Hill, just passed a science degree and worked in a variety of production laboratories before realising that was boring as bat shit. He used his science degree to get work in the lab of a big winery and was soon well on his way to becoming a winemaker. He worked in NSW, SA, Victoria, WA. Then Folkert (with his underpants on the outside) did a couple of years as a flying winemaker. Needing to settle down he chose Meeniyan in South Gippsland (with some help from his wife). This is where he now lives and makes wine, torments his children, and spends his wife's money.

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